Lilly Camp Care Package

Lilly Camp Care Package

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Ever wonder what a day at diabetes camp is like? Come along with Nashville recording artist and Lilly Diabetes ambassador, Crystal Bowersox, as she visits her hometown diabetes camp in Sylvania, Ohio. The expressions on the kids’ faces tell it all.

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Check out the impact the Lilly Camp Care Package had last summer!

Diabetes Educational Kit

Lilly Diabetes provides a user-friendly diabetes educational kit — in a durable, high-quality Lilly Camp Care backpack that can be personalized with an emergency contact tag sewn inside — to each camper attending a camp that participates in the Lilly Camp Care Package program. Items in the kit are thoughtfully created to help kids learn how to manage diabetes in a fun-filled, friendly way.

Parent/Caregiver Kit

The kit is designed for parents/caregivers to provide useful information about diabetes and inform them of other resources offered through the Lilly Camp Care Package program.

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